Burritos,Quesadillas, Soups - 3 undisputed classics. Hello Burrito is taking these classics to new, tasty heights. Our inspired recipes are anything but predictable combining international flavors with real, fresh ingredients. We believe that homemade tastes better than factory made and that real food should be affordable. That's why we make all our salsas, soups, and most of our sauces in house. We don't use a fryer and we avoid processed ingredients. The taste is great and the prices are modest. At Hello Burrito, we also believe that it's our duty to be responsible stewards of the planet. We buy local when possible and we use biodegradeable to-go containers. This is our formula; from scratch soups and sauces + quesadillas & burritos stuffed with deliciousness + green containers = an EPIC taste experience you can feel good about. Bethlehem Friends! Thank you for the warm welcome..we'll make you proud!
Tastebuds! May we have this dance?